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New, new and new

(part of ) The Swedish Bikini Team"One thousand Swedes chased through the weeds by one Nowegian."

Now, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are working together! The countries are working together on a doomsday vault to hold seeds in case of a global catastrophe. Rumor has it they're also throwing in wasa bread, swedish fish, and a healthcare system that works.

Paul McCartney is 64. What a thrill for one of the world's greatest pop song writer to have one of his signature songs play out in real life. The album it's from is the first record I had when I was about 7-8 years old. It also brings back memories of vinyl and buying needles for the phonograph as well as utilizing all the record cleaning practices of the day.

Finally, on a softer note, North korea has fueled a long-range missle capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to the U.S. They have about a month to launch it before the fuel goes bad. I'm thinking they'll wait until July 4th weekend and fill the nosecone full of fireworks then point it towards San Francisco and let it fly. The leaders of North Korea are like kids with bottle rockets on some football field just testing the police–which is U.S.


Late night rants and raves

Every once in a while I stop and think about the world we live in and how it's tied into information. Sending, receiving, manipulating, and collecting information. That's what we're about. Unless you live in a section of the country or world that either doesn't care about daily information stimulation (satisfied with just living), too stubborn to hop on the bus with the rest of us (old-school), or live a life that doesn't require the daily/hourly fix of information (farmer or Quaker).

Here are some information tidbits from the last couple of days (no links or pictues):

  • Adoptions are up, especially from Africa. Couples who adopt children from poverty situations, I look up to and respect deeply.
  • Britney Spears almost dropped her infant son while walking NY. I do feel sorry for her and the scrutiny she has to go through. Celebrity or not, she can't even walk to her car without a complete review of her motherhood abilities.
  • Gas prices are at or hovering around $3. I drive a vehicle that gets 28-35mpg and I think we're in the beginning of the end of fossil fueled cars (another 20-30 years).
  • There was a local news story about a family in New Hampshire living in a house that was condemned for the deplorable living conditions but at the same time contained animals ranging from alligators to snakes to lizards, which were removed and apparently were well taken care of. And they had a 7-year-old daughter that was living right next to these dangerous reptiles and was taken away by child services.
  • Paul McCartney is getting divorced and might have to pay his wife 280-350 million of his estimated 1.5 billion dollar fortune. Sometimes it bums me out to see my childhood rock stars get old. Watch The Beatles movie "Help" and you'll see some young, talented, good-looking lads with the whole world ahead of them.
  • There's young men and women still getting killed in Iraq. And Iraq's next door neighbor, Iran, is telling the rest of the world we'll do what we want and it's is our right. In the U.S., military options are on the table, hopefully never to come to fruition.
  • "The Da Vinci Code" movie got luke-warm reviews across the board. Never read the book but I hear the Catholic church is not represented in a good light.
  • In Mass. on friday (the 19th), a tanker truck overturned on the Mass Turnpike and shut down the highway for the day because it was carrying liquid methane. A 22-mile stretch was shut off including rush hour. Total traffic mayhem, but we survived and there was no leakage, casualties, or explosions.

I could go on forever with more information bits and pieces. Some of us live for this stuff. It's part of our everyday fabric.

It wasn't like this when I was kid. Give me a sunny day and my bike, and I was satisfied.

Britney getting stupid; The Duke rides again; Finally! Wild, Wild, West on DVD

Hey there good looking...Britney announced Tuesday night (on Letterman) she's pregnant again. What is up with that girl?! And to top it off she's pregnant by that boob-brain Kevin Federdope. This dude now has 4 children (out of wedlock) and has the maturity level of a 5 year old. Miss Spears career is pretty much done since it was based on her looks/body. Not that she can't bounce back from having 2 kids but I think she was struggling to keep her weight down b4 she was prego. Why am I writing this?

John Ford and The Duke
PBS is broadcasting a special on my favorite movie star and the relationship he had with legendary director John Ford. My favorite Duke movies: 'The Searchers,' 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,' 'The Barbary Coast,' 'Hondo,' 'They Were Expendable,' and 'True Grit.' There you go pilgrim.

The Wild, Wild, West TV show finally on DVD
Season 1, which was black & white, will be released on June 6. Awesome show. The 'Star Trek' of 1960s westerns. Robert Conrad is Captain Kirk. Good looking and gets all the women while beatin' the crap out of 20 men at a time while using really cool gadgets. Doesn't get any better.

Bosox-Yanks; Weird numbers; Master(s) of their domain

Big PapiThe Red Sox and New York Yankees start a 3-game series tonight in NY with Josh Beckett (rightie) facing Randy Johnson (leftie). It will be interesting to watch how the Yankees, actually Johnson, pitch to David Ortiz. One NY newspaper suggested putting him on his arse as a strategy. Ortiz is a big guy. With a pretty big arse. May I suggest a different strategy? Pitch him high and tight. And good luck.

Wierd football jersey numbers over the years
Sports Illustrated's web site is always running great lists of things like worst NFL draft picks, or best old-school uniforms, etc. This list is pretty interesting (to sports fans): Unorthodox NFL Jersey NUmbers. My favorite: Bronco Nagurski of the Chicago Bears (in the 1930s) who wore #3 as a rusher and linebacker.

Those dudes that run Augusta
Augusta National golf course which hosts The Masters golf tournament has a new leader: Billy Payne. The outgoing leader, Hootie Johnson, kept a long-standing tradition of keeping women members out. I guess Billy is going to prolong the idiotic tradition. What is up down there Georgia? I guess they haven't gotten past women getting the right to vote in 1920.

NFL draft observations; Gas prices and profits; Google release a 3D drawing program for free

Some Sping pics from my digi cameraAhhh… the NFL draft and all the hoopla about a 2-day cattle call. The Houston Texans made the biggest splash of the weekend for not selecting Reggie Bush with the #1 pick. He would have put butts in seats and driven revenue, but they went with a defensive end who had a great combine (tryout) for the team scouts. The Patriots went with a lot of offensive players, which is the total opposite of last year.

Oil companies suck
They're making record profits and we're paying $3 a gallon or more. Shame on them but shame on us as well. I can't tell you how many times I see a single driver in a super-sized SUV getting 15 or less miles to the gallon. And how about the arrogance of GM advertising Hummers like there a second car for most families. Check out the new Toyota Yaris and the Honda Fit. Good second car choices for mini-van/SUV families.

Google dives into another channel
I'm just checking it out myself, but take a lookie at the new Google 3D drawing program (online) which is, of course, free. I use their search, maps, news, and a lot of other resources under the Google umbrella. Good for them, I guess. Sort of the online Microsoft I guess.

Playin’ music again at 43

Close to my Tama setI've had somewhat of a storied music career. Bass drum player in the High School marching band, to drum player in a rock band doing Led Zeppelin covers, to recording my own music, then playing drums for a heavy metal/hard rock band where I was the senior member. My career spanned 1978 through 1994 (and hopefully beyond). A lot of details happened in between but that's for future blog entries.

I wanted to use this blog entry to put forth my new musical ideas for song titles. I'm starting to play the acoutstic guitar again and came up with these song titles:

I'm excited. And want to jam.

43? 43 is today's new 23. Giddy up…

Long time no blog

I had shorts like these onceMy mind was blank for a while. No ambition. No inspiration. No motivation to scrape the news landscape for minutiae. But Spring is here and the magnolias are blooming, the forscythia are screaming yellow, and of course the birds.

The Birds
First there was the Robins. Scrambling along the grass listening for worms underneath the surface. Then the Woodcocks at dusk dancing the dance of love, including the comdeic beeps in between. Then the usual suspects of Titmouse, Chickadees, Blue Jays, and Cardinals. But what I'm really waiting for is the warblers. I've already heard the Yellow-Rumped. The Palm Warbler is not far behind. These next 3-4 weeks are the peak time to watch for these little entertainers of nature.

I put shorts on after work for the first time this year. I could wear shorts all year round if it wasn't for the New England winters. It's a tired record, but when I lived in San Francisco I did wear shorts all year round and just adjusted my tops for the foggy, cool air of the Bay area.

Finally, Work
It's really frustrating working with great people but having no direction from above. Like being on a great sail ship from centuries ago and nobody is at the wheel. Just drifting in the ocean. Add to that a managerial mindset from somewhere in the late 1980's, and it's like being in church and the preacher is a Las Vegas comedian.

Complete unsatisfaction from hopeful expectations that are never realized.

The American Dream.