Bond is back!

Well, Bond is back for the 22nd time. The previous Bond men score like this (movies made): 7 by Sean Connery, 7 by Roger Moore, 2 by Timothy Dalton, 1 by George Lazenby, and 4 by Pierce Brosnan.

Here’s my Top 5:

  1. GoldFinger – Sean Connery at his best. Lead woman called “Pussy Galore”. Best line: Bond: “You want me to talk?” GoldFinger: “No Mr. Bond. I want you to die!”
  2. GoldenEye – Pierce Brosnan’s first crack at being the world’s most famous spy. Memorable scene: Bond driving a tank through a building then stopping and straightening his tie. Best line: M to Bond: “I think you’re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War…”
  3. Die Another Day – Pierce Brosnan’s last crack at being the world’s most famous spy. Best scene: Halle Berry’s appearance out of the ocean in a bikini. Memorable line: Mr. Kil: “I’m Mr. Kil.” James Bond: “Now there’s a name to die for.” OK. That’s dumb.
  4. Live and Let Die – Roger Moore’s best shot. The boat chase down in the Bayou is good. The southern sheriff is better. And of course the song is one of the best (thanks Paul).
  5. Thunderball – supposedly Sean Connery’s favorite (made in Nassau). A lot of the scenes in this movie were spoofed in “Austin Powers” (the first). Like the scene in the beginning of the movie where SPECTRE agents are meeting and one of them gets burned for screwing the organization and his chair gets lowered down below. Funny stuff in AP.

Good luck to Daniel Craig and his new Bond flick: “Casino Royale“.


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