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Top 10 Best Jobs; Pats still Supa Bowl contenders; Space walkers go golfing

George W Loves His JobFrom MONEY magazine and, here’s the Top 10 Best Jobs:

  1. Software engineer. Job growth: 46.07%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Release Engineer in the United States is $84,779.
  2. College professor. Job growth: 31.39%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Dean of Medicine – Higher Ed. in the United States is $351,542.
  3. Financial advisor. Job growth: 25.92%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Portfolio Manager in the United States is $100,859.
  4. Human resources manager. Job growth: 23.47%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Human Resources Director in the United States is $140,996.
  5. Physician’s assistant. Job growth: 49.65%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Physician Assistant – Medical in the United States is $77,395.
  6. Market research analyst. Job growth: 20.19%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical E-Commerce Marketing Director in the United States is $134,932.
  7. Computer / IT Analyst. Job growth: 36.1%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Network Operations Director in the United States is $130,983.
  8. Real estate appraiser. Job growth: 22.78%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Collateral Appraiser II in the United States is $82,437.
  9. Pharmacist. Job growth: 24.57%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Pharmacist in the United States is $98,777.
  10. Psychologist. Job growth: 19.14%. Base pay: The median expected salary for a typical Psychologist in the United States is $75,892.

Click here for the full list (Top 50).

My Top 10:

  1. Plumber. We’ll always need ’em. And what they charge is downright illegal.
  2. Roofer. As my brother says, “Someone will always need their roof fixed or repaired.” That’s job security.
  3. Dishwasher. Job security is high. Pay isn’t good. But a lot of people depned on you.
  4. Toll taker. Need math skills and the ability to absorb insults and comments. Job security is becoming shaky.
  5. Fung Wah bus driver. Job security is high. Need the ability to handle a fire exstinguisher.
  6. High-rise window washer. Windows will always need washing. Fear-of-heights people need not apply.
  7. Landscapers. Grass will always need cutting. And with the imigrant laws tightening, the need will grow (no pun intentded) here in the U.S.
  8. Customer service phone reps. As the online world keeps growing, so will the need for customer assistance by phone (or chat).
  9. Sushi chefs. When steak or seafood restaraunts are serving sushi, the need is clear. Being Japanese is a plus.
  10. Dog poop police. Old-school thinking on this (letting your dog poop anywhere and not picking it up) is going the way of th Dodo bird. Enforcement is needed.

New England Patriots are still in the Super Bowl hunt

Micheal Silver of still believes the Pats can get back to the Super Bowl. I agree. If they beat the Chicago Bears tomorrow, it will go a long way in getting them back to the big game. The playoffs start now!

Golfing in space

Russian cosmonauts went golfing in space on November 22. I’m still waiting for us to go back to the moon. We can’t seem to get out of our own orbit. Plus there’s great (golf) course potential on the cheese moon.


Bond is back!

Well, Bond is back for the 22nd time. The previous Bond men score like this (movies made): 7 by Sean Connery, 7 by Roger Moore, 2 by Timothy Dalton, 1 by George Lazenby, and 4 by Pierce Brosnan.

Here’s my Top 5:

  1. GoldFinger – Sean Connery at his best. Lead woman called “Pussy Galore”. Best line: Bond: “You want me to talk?” GoldFinger: “No Mr. Bond. I want you to die!”
  2. GoldenEye – Pierce Brosnan’s first crack at being the world’s most famous spy. Memorable scene: Bond driving a tank through a building then stopping and straightening his tie. Best line: M to Bond: “I think you’re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War…”
  3. Die Another Day – Pierce Brosnan’s last crack at being the world’s most famous spy. Best scene: Halle Berry’s appearance out of the ocean in a bikini. Memorable line: Mr. Kil: “I’m Mr. Kil.” James Bond: “Now there’s a name to die for.” OK. That’s dumb.
  4. Live and Let Die – Roger Moore’s best shot. The boat chase down in the Bayou is good. The southern sheriff is better. And of course the song is one of the best (thanks Paul).
  5. Thunderball – supposedly Sean Connery’s favorite (made in Nassau). A lot of the scenes in this movie were spoofed in “Austin Powers” (the first). Like the scene in the beginning of the movie where SPECTRE agents are meeting and one of them gets burned for screwing the organization and his chair gets lowered down below. Funny stuff in AP.

Good luck to Daniel Craig and his new Bond flick: “Casino Royale“.

Democrats rule; Rummy’s gone; Red Sox pay 42 big ones

Just kids talkin' some trash! 
So…the Democrats won the House and Senate majority. Does it really matter to the us who is the majority? We’ll get sick of the democrats in 4 or 12 years and vote in the republicans again. It’s just a American cycle. Like real estate prices or sports team successes. The republican administration was arrogant and wanted to put a gun to the rest of world and say: “Be a democracy or else!” Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and a few others don’t like our methods and stand up to us because of the republican policies of the past 6 years. I don’t like a lot of those countries and their governments but we’ve got a few problems to take care of here. Like: bringing back the middle class, healthcare, Red Sox starting pitching, gas prices, fixing the Big Dig, global warming, the leaves in my back yard, Karl Rove, online poker and gambling, and most importantly who is going to be the next mayor of Worcester (Tim Murray just got elected to Lt. Govenor).

Rummy, you gave it a good shot

Donald Rumsfeld was arrogant. He always seemed incensed at reporters’ and their questions about Iraq and our failed policy. When your the Secretary of Defense and every military general from here to kingdom come says you should resign or be fired and you still stay, that’s arrogance. His firing has been called for as far back as 2004. I wonder what he’ll be doing for the rest of his years.

Best bet: a book. Title: “Memoirs of an arrogant man.”

The manRed Sox pay 42 million to talk to a man

If their bid is accepted, they can talk to this man about paying him more millions. Most likely $50 million over 10 years to keep talking to this man. The man? A pitcher from Japan.

Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Yes, potentially $92 million dollars to get a man to play a kids game and help us beat the other team: the Yankees. The took the caveman away from us last year, and we’re going to get flame thrower from Japan.

Sort of makes the republican administration’s attitude of the past 6 years seem normal.

Back from prison just in time for election

The man...Batman!Well…haven’t blogged in a century or two. I was away finding myself, trying to join the ‘League of Shadows’ like Batman. Then it was off to the Shaolin monks in China like David Carradine. Yes Grasshopper, I was searching. The bald headed monks didn’t do it for me so I joined the Russian Mob and peddled women to be American wives for lonely American guys. The guilt of that overcame me so I joined the Franciscan Monks to belt out some of those Gregorian Chants. I didn’t have the vocal chops, so it was on to Canada and the Canadian Mounted Police. Sadly, they don’t except 43 year olds. So, finally it was back to Worcester MA, or as I like to call it, ‘San Francisco East’.

Good-bye Romney-Healey, Hello Patrick-Murray

It’s been a while since we’ve had a democratic govenor in this democratic state. Was does this mean for the citizens of Mass? I have no idea. More government and more taxes? According to the Constitution party, everyone is a liberal. Republicans and Democrats.

Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins

Patriots: Looking good despite the loss to Indy. Red Sox: Theo will be tested this year. The team has a lot of issues: pitching, right field, pitching, second base, and pitching. Celtics: unless they start winning, Doc Rivers will be let go before Jan. 1. I like this team. They just look lost. Bruins: I still have dreams of Orr, Espo, Hodge, Cashman, Cheevers, etc. This team is in disarray.

Finally: Britney files for divorce. My mention of her has ended.

Good to be back.