Monthly Archives: August 2006

Doyle Cup weekend; Rumsfeld gets it from Hilary; Sad, sad, story from China; Calls for a muted Mel G.

The Doyle CupThis weekend is the storied “Doyle Cup” weekend where middle-aged men can be kids again. It’s in NJ and the weekend weather looks awesome. Also, there might be a few beers consumed among other beverages. As Jackie Gleason used to say, “And away we go!!”.

Donald Rumsfeld, or ‘Donnie’ as I like to call him, got a spanking today (at a senate hearing) from Hilary Clinton. Of course she was show-boating a little to help her Presidential run next year, but Donnie deserved it. I just wish Dickie (Cheney) would get a spanking or maybe a hand thrashing from some old-school nun for the way he’s behaved.

China (thought they had to) killed 50,000 dogs due to a rabies breakout and their lack of a rabies innoculation program for pets. Most of the dogs were beaten to death. The dog killing issue aside, this highlights one of the country’s (China) many issues with it’s goverment and it’s people. Boycotting the country because of this tragedy is fruitless but my heart goes out to the dog owners who had to witness this happening to their own pet.

Australia is calling for a more muted Mel. While we’re on the subject of Mel, here’s some of my favorite Mel Gibson flicks:

  • Road Warrior – the best apacolyptical picture from the 80’s.
  • Lethal Weapon – campy, hammy, but fun eye candy.
  • Maverick – perfect role for him.
  • Braveheart – great battle scenes and mooning of English troops.
  • Payback – violent, a lot of cigarette smoking, but more eye candy.

Middle-aged guy off to playing like a kid…beer pong, caps, pool volleyball, frisbee golf, darts, music playing, hot tub, ……