Monthly Archives: June 2006

New, new and new

(part of ) The Swedish Bikini Team"One thousand Swedes chased through the weeds by one Nowegian."

Now, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are working together! The countries are working together on a doomsday vault to hold seeds in case of a global catastrophe. Rumor has it they're also throwing in wasa bread, swedish fish, and a healthcare system that works.

Paul McCartney is 64. What a thrill for one of the world's greatest pop song writer to have one of his signature songs play out in real life. The album it's from is the first record I had when I was about 7-8 years old. It also brings back memories of vinyl and buying needles for the phonograph as well as utilizing all the record cleaning practices of the day.

Finally, on a softer note, North korea has fueled a long-range missle capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to the U.S. They have about a month to launch it before the fuel goes bad. I'm thinking they'll wait until July 4th weekend and fill the nosecone full of fireworks then point it towards San Francisco and let it fly. The leaders of North Korea are like kids with bottle rockets on some football field just testing the police–which is U.S.