Late night rants and raves

Every once in a while I stop and think about the world we live in and how it's tied into information. Sending, receiving, manipulating, and collecting information. That's what we're about. Unless you live in a section of the country or world that either doesn't care about daily information stimulation (satisfied with just living), too stubborn to hop on the bus with the rest of us (old-school), or live a life that doesn't require the daily/hourly fix of information (farmer or Quaker).

Here are some information tidbits from the last couple of days (no links or pictues):

  • Adoptions are up, especially from Africa. Couples who adopt children from poverty situations, I look up to and respect deeply.
  • Britney Spears almost dropped her infant son while walking NY. I do feel sorry for her and the scrutiny she has to go through. Celebrity or not, she can't even walk to her car without a complete review of her motherhood abilities.
  • Gas prices are at or hovering around $3. I drive a vehicle that gets 28-35mpg and I think we're in the beginning of the end of fossil fueled cars (another 20-30 years).
  • There was a local news story about a family in New Hampshire living in a house that was condemned for the deplorable living conditions but at the same time contained animals ranging from alligators to snakes to lizards, which were removed and apparently were well taken care of. And they had a 7-year-old daughter that was living right next to these dangerous reptiles and was taken away by child services.
  • Paul McCartney is getting divorced and might have to pay his wife 280-350 million of his estimated 1.5 billion dollar fortune. Sometimes it bums me out to see my childhood rock stars get old. Watch The Beatles movie "Help" and you'll see some young, talented, good-looking lads with the whole world ahead of them.
  • There's young men and women still getting killed in Iraq. And Iraq's next door neighbor, Iran, is telling the rest of the world we'll do what we want and it's is our right. In the U.S., military options are on the table, hopefully never to come to fruition.
  • "The Da Vinci Code" movie got luke-warm reviews across the board. Never read the book but I hear the Catholic church is not represented in a good light.
  • In Mass. on friday (the 19th), a tanker truck overturned on the Mass Turnpike and shut down the highway for the day because it was carrying liquid methane. A 22-mile stretch was shut off including rush hour. Total traffic mayhem, but we survived and there was no leakage, casualties, or explosions.

I could go on forever with more information bits and pieces. Some of us live for this stuff. It's part of our everyday fabric.

It wasn't like this when I was kid. Give me a sunny day and my bike, and I was satisfied.


4 responses to “Late night rants and raves

  • Deb

    Banana seat bicycles – warm sunny days – fishing at the Res……kind of makes you long for the days when you just smiled and played and didn’t have to worry about bigger things!

  • Sterling

    You have a thing for Britney. This is the second Blog with her name in it. And you were more of a scooter man not a bike guy.

  • svenmadd

    you really were good on the scooter, you were good driving through cornfields also,but of course your friends did’nt remember.

  • Jaap

    Great post this was just what i was looking for



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