Bosox-Yanks; Weird numbers; Master(s) of their domain

Big PapiThe Red Sox and New York Yankees start a 3-game series tonight in NY with Josh Beckett (rightie) facing Randy Johnson (leftie). It will be interesting to watch how the Yankees, actually Johnson, pitch to David Ortiz. One NY newspaper suggested putting him on his arse as a strategy. Ortiz is a big guy. With a pretty big arse. May I suggest a different strategy? Pitch him high and tight. And good luck.

Wierd football jersey numbers over the years
Sports Illustrated's web site is always running great lists of things like worst NFL draft picks, or best old-school uniforms, etc. This list is pretty interesting (to sports fans): Unorthodox NFL Jersey NUmbers. My favorite: Bronco Nagurski of the Chicago Bears (in the 1930s) who wore #3 as a rusher and linebacker.

Those dudes that run Augusta
Augusta National golf course which hosts The Masters golf tournament has a new leader: Billy Payne. The outgoing leader, Hootie Johnson, kept a long-standing tradition of keeping women members out. I guess Billy is going to prolong the idiotic tradition. What is up down there Georgia? I guess they haven't gotten past women getting the right to vote in 1920.


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