Long time no blog

I had shorts like these onceMy mind was blank for a while. No ambition. No inspiration. No motivation to scrape the news landscape for minutiae. But Spring is here and the magnolias are blooming, the forscythia are screaming yellow, and of course the birds.

The Birds
First there was the Robins. Scrambling along the grass listening for worms underneath the surface. Then the Woodcocks at dusk dancing the dance of love, including the comdeic beeps in between. Then the usual suspects of Titmouse, Chickadees, Blue Jays, and Cardinals. But what I'm really waiting for is the warblers. I've already heard the Yellow-Rumped. The Palm Warbler is not far behind. These next 3-4 weeks are the peak time to watch for these little entertainers of nature.

I put shorts on after work for the first time this year. I could wear shorts all year round if it wasn't for the New England winters. It's a tired record, but when I lived in San Francisco I did wear shorts all year round and just adjusted my tops for the foggy, cool air of the Bay area.

Finally, Work
It's really frustrating working with great people but having no direction from above. Like being on a great sail ship from centuries ago and nobody is at the wheel. Just drifting in the ocean. Add to that a managerial mindset from somewhere in the late 1980's, and it's like being in church and the preacher is a Las Vegas comedian.

Complete unsatisfaction from hopeful expectations that are never realized.

The American Dream.


3 responses to “Long time no blog

  • Deb

    Sounds like you need a really long vacation!!! And may I just be the first to say — nice shorts…..

  • slb

    Lets be realistic, I don’t think you wore shorts EVERY day. I saw you in pants when I visited.

  • ace

    let’s not fowrward this blog to the management “with the mindset of the late 1980’s”
    unless the blogger wants to experience the unemployment lines of the same era

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