New rings around your anus; Bladder replacements; Apple Plays Nice with Windows

I love this manTwo outer rings, one red the other blue, have been observed around the distant planet Uranus. Last December, the Hubble telescope discovered new moons and rings around Uranus.

Say this 10x fast: it's been very busy around Uranus.

Doctors Can Create Re-engineered Bladders
This is the first time scientists have reconstructed a human organ. This is the tip of the iceberg. Scientists will be able to recreate anything on the human body. Re-engineered bladderI'm the first in-line for head replacement. Imagine waking up and your whole self has been replaced: the head, the body, the whole enchilada. "Hello. I'm your replacement", the alternate says to you. What happens to the real you? Vacation? Elimination? And this all started with a re-engineered bladder.

Worcester FACT
Population: 172,648 people. (2nd in Massachusetts)

Apple Opens Door to Windows
You can now run Windows on an Apple computer. Yipee. Really, really, rich guys helping out other really rich guys get richer. I'm so happy. At this point, I'm want to know what the advantage is of using a Mac over using a PC. Ten to fifteen years ago it was graphics and publishing software.

I guess the reasons to own a Mac come down to a better CPU, some cool looking PC cases, and being part of that time-tested club of Mac users.

Ten years ago I supported graphics software for a big software support company and when a Mac software support call came in, it was always put in the back of the call queue. And that was because of ignorance and laziness to learn the Apple way. Shame on me and my co-horts.

Those calls usually spent the rest of their lives in that queue. Well, maybe not all of them.


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