Scary baby; Baby shower gone bad; Poisonous (maybe) white fog

From AceRoofer (no for the squeamish): "Bizarre baby born in Dolakha". I don't know if this is true or not. But it's pretty disturbing. The baby sort of looks happy but grotesque. It died soon after it was born.

Right here in Massachusetts: "Pregnant woman beaten at baby shower".  The arguement/fight started over whether a woman let a 5-year-old daughter drink beer. Juan Velazquez fired shots in the air and started beating attendees with a large stick including the 22-year old mother-to-be. She turned out OK after being released from the hospital.

Gas prices in Worcester: Range from $2.48 to 2.67 here on April 5, 2006.

Final story of the night: I was driving home to Worcester from Westboro around 8:30pm and as I passed through Grafton, I heard an air siren. I wasn't sure what it meant so I called my brother Brett–a fireman–and he told me it was the call for the voluteer firemen to go to the firehouse(s) for duty (fire). A little farther down the road I was traveling behind Wyman Gordon on Westboro Rd. and a police car zipped by me. It stopped about 1/4 of mile ahead. As I approached (the car) I noticed a white haze going across the road, sort of like a fog. I pulled over and decided to turn around and go home an alternate way. A few seconds later I smelled pool water. I think it was chlorine. I immediately opened my windows and aired the car out.

I'll investigate and come back with more details about this story.


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