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NFL draft observations; Gas prices and profits; Google release a 3D drawing program for free

Some Sping pics from my digi cameraAhhh… the NFL draft and all the hoopla about a 2-day cattle call. The Houston Texans made the biggest splash of the weekend for not selecting Reggie Bush with the #1 pick. He would have put butts in seats and driven revenue, but they went with a defensive end who had a great combine (tryout) for the team scouts. The Patriots went with a lot of offensive players, which is the total opposite of last year.

Oil companies suck
They're making record profits and we're paying $3 a gallon or more. Shame on them but shame on us as well. I can't tell you how many times I see a single driver in a super-sized SUV getting 15 or less miles to the gallon. And how about the arrogance of GM advertising Hummers like there a second car for most families. Check out the new Toyota Yaris and the Honda Fit. Good second car choices for mini-van/SUV families.

Google dives into another channel
I'm just checking it out myself, but take a lookie at the new Google 3D drawing program (online) which is, of course, free. I use their search, maps, news, and a lot of other resources under the Google umbrella. Good for them, I guess. Sort of the online Microsoft I guess.


Playin’ music again at 43

Close to my Tama setI've had somewhat of a storied music career. Bass drum player in the High School marching band, to drum player in a rock band doing Led Zeppelin covers, to recording my own music, then playing drums for a heavy metal/hard rock band where I was the senior member. My career spanned 1978 through 1994 (and hopefully beyond). A lot of details happened in between but that's for future blog entries.

I wanted to use this blog entry to put forth my new musical ideas for song titles. I'm starting to play the acoutstic guitar again and came up with these song titles:

I'm excited. And want to jam.

43? 43 is today's new 23. Giddy up…

Long time no blog

I had shorts like these onceMy mind was blank for a while. No ambition. No inspiration. No motivation to scrape the news landscape for minutiae. But Spring is here and the magnolias are blooming, the forscythia are screaming yellow, and of course the birds.

The Birds
First there was the Robins. Scrambling along the grass listening for worms underneath the surface. Then the Woodcocks at dusk dancing the dance of love, including the comdeic beeps in between. Then the usual suspects of Titmouse, Chickadees, Blue Jays, and Cardinals. But what I'm really waiting for is the warblers. I've already heard the Yellow-Rumped. The Palm Warbler is not far behind. These next 3-4 weeks are the peak time to watch for these little entertainers of nature.

I put shorts on after work for the first time this year. I could wear shorts all year round if it wasn't for the New England winters. It's a tired record, but when I lived in San Francisco I did wear shorts all year round and just adjusted my tops for the foggy, cool air of the Bay area.

Finally, Work
It's really frustrating working with great people but having no direction from above. Like being on a great sail ship from centuries ago and nobody is at the wheel. Just drifting in the ocean. Add to that a managerial mindset from somewhere in the late 1980's, and it's like being in church and the preacher is a Las Vegas comedian.

Complete unsatisfaction from hopeful expectations that are never realized.

The American Dream.

A silent motorcycle; Iceland tops in broadband use; Tom & Katie’s baby will not have a Catholic baptism

We're in the midst of fossil fueled vehicles becoming a thing of the past. Hybrids, electric, ethynol, and whatever else the manafacturers are coming up with are here. For good. A story talks about a new hydrogen powered motorcycle.

Iceland is connected
The little country to the north had the highest concentration of broadband users in 2005. The U.S. still leads in absolute numbers. And my father still has dial-up. Anticipation is a requirement in the swede's household.

Scientology wins out over Catholicism
Tom said 'No' to a Catholic baptism. Katie said 'OK'. And they're going to have a quiet birth. I say 'your freakin' dreaming' and I've never had a baby.

Brazil’s first lands safely; Rolling Stones in China; Red Sox have a flame-throwing closer

Nice bathing suitThe first astronaut of Brazil landed safely with the rest of the shuttle crew. I think it's awesome that people from other countries besides the U.S, Russia, China, and a few others get to go up into space and give their country something to cheer about from the space perspective. Space history is pretty fascinating. And we're on the cusp of space travel (around the earth) becoming as easy as airline travel.

Stones stone the Chinese censors
First sentence in this story: The Rolling Stones rode roughshod over China's censors during their first show in the communist country on Saturday, serenading a largely foreign crowd with songs about Satan, sleaze bags and serial killers.

Nuff' said.

Worcester fact: The Declaration of Independence was first publicly read in Massachusetts by Isaiah Thomas in Worcester in July 1776.

The new flame thrower
The Red Sox won 2 -1 against Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore and Jonathan Papelbon mowed down the first three batters he faced in the bottom of the ninth while leading by one run. Poise under pressure. He's a young flame thrower who compliments an already very decent pitching staff.

Maybe two World Series in three years?

New rings around your anus; Bladder replacements; Apple Plays Nice with Windows

I love this manTwo outer rings, one red the other blue, have been observed around the distant planet Uranus. Last December, the Hubble telescope discovered new moons and rings around Uranus.

Say this 10x fast: it's been very busy around Uranus.

Doctors Can Create Re-engineered Bladders
This is the first time scientists have reconstructed a human organ. This is the tip of the iceberg. Scientists will be able to recreate anything on the human body. Re-engineered bladderI'm the first in-line for head replacement. Imagine waking up and your whole self has been replaced: the head, the body, the whole enchilada. "Hello. I'm your replacement", the alternate says to you. What happens to the real you? Vacation? Elimination? And this all started with a re-engineered bladder.

Worcester FACT
Population: 172,648 people. (2nd in Massachusetts)

Apple Opens Door to Windows
You can now run Windows on an Apple computer. Yipee. Really, really, rich guys helping out other really rich guys get richer. I'm so happy. At this point, I'm want to know what the advantage is of using a Mac over using a PC. Ten to fifteen years ago it was graphics and publishing software.

I guess the reasons to own a Mac come down to a better CPU, some cool looking PC cases, and being part of that time-tested club of Mac users.

Ten years ago I supported graphics software for a big software support company and when a Mac software support call came in, it was always put in the back of the call queue. And that was because of ignorance and laziness to learn the Apple way. Shame on me and my co-horts.

Those calls usually spent the rest of their lives in that queue. Well, maybe not all of them.

Scary baby; Baby shower gone bad; Poisonous (maybe) white fog

From AceRoofer (no for the squeamish): "Bizarre baby born in Dolakha". I don't know if this is true or not. But it's pretty disturbing. The baby sort of looks happy but grotesque. It died soon after it was born.

Right here in Massachusetts: "Pregnant woman beaten at baby shower".  The arguement/fight started over whether a woman let a 5-year-old daughter drink beer. Juan Velazquez fired shots in the air and started beating attendees with a large stick including the 22-year old mother-to-be. She turned out OK after being released from the hospital.

Gas prices in Worcester: Range from $2.48 to 2.67 here on April 5, 2006.

Final story of the night: I was driving home to Worcester from Westboro around 8:30pm and as I passed through Grafton, I heard an air siren. I wasn't sure what it meant so I called my brother Brett–a fireman–and he told me it was the call for the voluteer firemen to go to the firehouse(s) for duty (fire). A little farther down the road I was traveling behind Wyman Gordon on Westboro Rd. and a police car zipped by me. It stopped about 1/4 of mile ahead. As I approached (the car) I noticed a white haze going across the road, sort of like a fog. I pulled over and decided to turn around and go home an alternate way. A few seconds later I smelled pool water. I think it was chlorine. I immediately opened my windows and aired the car out.

I'll investigate and come back with more details about this story.