Can’t get rid of the Coca; Another wacky cat story; Notorious B.I.G.’s family awarded $1.1 million

Nice kittyU.S tax dollars have been going to Bolivia to help eradicate the Bolivian coca leaf. Under the newly elected President Evo Morales, a former coca farmer, the eradication effort is down 60%. This article from the Associated Press talks about the traditional, and natural, use for the coca leaf besides cocaine. Morales even suggests putting coca bread on the school menu. I made a similar suggestion to my high school about pot brownies. I'm still waiting for an answer.

Cats can't seem to stay out the news
The latest diabolical event was a cat stuck in a wall at house under construction, waving his paw out a hole, crying and catching the attention of prospective buyer. Just yesterday a story appeared about a cat in Sunset Circle Connecticut terrorizing the townspeople, ambushing 11 people utilizing the long claws on his six toe'd feet. Last week there was story about a cat fallingl 80 feet from a tree and landing on his back, then getting up and running away unharmed. And he was on the tree limb for 8 days.

My prediction: a news channel/web site/magazine devoted to serious, domestic, most e-mailed stories about cats.

I dream of similar attention levels being given to this blog. It's a dream I have.

L.A. ordered to give B.I.G.'s family B.I.G. bucks
The rapper's family was awarded the money for legal and other costs relating to a wrongful death suit brought against the city of LA . A detective withheld documents that might have been pertinent to the family's case. A $1.1 million dollar mistake and taxpayers have to pay for it.

I didn't follow the east coast/west coast rap war thing but I did like this song which allegedly was part of the whole controversy.


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