Some favorite red wines from an amateur

I drink Red WineI love red wine but will not profess to being any kind of expert on the subject. My 78-year old Father loves red wine but I think his reasons are simple as well. The taste, the buzz, and the…buzz. I can never taste the oak and blackberry flavors or the chocolate finishes but I do know a decent red wine when I taste one. And most of my choices are below the $15 threshold.

Here are a few:

There’s many more I like but I’ll wait until I’m a little more refined in my tastes.


2 responses to “Some favorite red wines from an amateur

  • Janice

    You’ll be waning to try Rabbit Ridge Zinfancel (of course, it’s red. Zinfandel is always red — remember than). Luscious. Smoking Loon Cab is nice — and hat’s off to their clever cork.

  • Christopher Murray

    Nice choices, Janice … I’ll have to try the Rabbit Ridge … heard good things (yeah, I’m hearing things) …

    Here’s a couple of my favorites as well:

    d’Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz .. really fine australian … hearty, playful, perhaps a little naughty …

    Estancia also makes some really beautiful cabs, zins, and pinot noirs … perfect for a night of internet poker and porn …

    I also enjoy the Limestone Coast blends … but recommend as well the Robert Mondavi private selection … kickin’ cabs that make your tongue stand up and shout, “hey now, playa … you got it goin’ on!”

    Mad Fish is another crazy Shiraz … drink it and be very merry …

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