Saturday right

Playing online poker can be very satisfying. It can also be very frustrating. And it costs money—if you happen to be playing for real money. Pacific Poker also allows you to chat during the games to other players. Lately, there hasn’t been much chatting during games. Go back about a year and chatting during games was common. Sometimes the conversation would turn nasty: “…what idiot would call the big blind with a 3 – 7 suited? I’m playing with morons…”. The chat mechanism will not allow swear words—you could type ’em, but they wouldn’t appear. But users would sometimes get around the programing: “fu kk ewe” would shoot across my bow after I’d won a hand, and I’d respond to the jerk with a level immaturity that would make Jim Carrey proud.

A winning moment

If you’ve decided to play online poker, first try the sites where you play for free. Then become a decent player and start playing the real money tables.

East coasters struggle for better weather
Today hit the 60’s in tempature. People came outside their obodes armed with a little more friendliness and smiles than usual for this time of year. Kids were walking around the streets with basketballs and cars were lined-up at car washes. The tolerance for Winter weather seems to grow thinner. Or, impatience for Spring is growing.

Three more weeks and the Falcon Convertible comes out of storage. I can’t wait for the the fresh, warm, exhilarating air to rush by me while driving a 1964 4-speed V8 car! Oh yeah…


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