American automakers humiliated again! What’s new?

Japanese automakers captured the top positions in all 10 vehicle categories rated by influential Consumer Reports magazine. At this point in time, is this news? Any educated (High School level) person knows the best vehichles are Toyotas and Hondas. Chevy Monte Carlo over a Toyota Camry? Nahhhh. Dodge Neon over a Honda Civic? I don’t think so. Not if you care about dependability, reliability, and resale value.

1975 Volkswagen RabbitI used to be a die-hard Volkswagen dude. I’ve owned a 1975 Rabbit (in blazing orange), two 1983 Jettas (Rabbits with a trunk), a 1990 Corrado, and finally a 1994 Jetta GLX. The Rabbit was a carburated 4-speed. First year for this ground breaking model. A blast to drive. Same with the ’81 Jettas, even though they were fuel injected.

The Corrado I bought used. Anybody that knows Corrados, knows most used ones were beaten to a pulp because they were killer cars. Mine had the supercharged 4-cylinder (G60). It was fun when it ran. A lot of fun.

The ’94 Jetta was a 6-cylinder 5-speed and was made in Germany. I bought it with 90,000 miles and it lasted until 136,000 until I sold it. A great car that could seat four adults.

My Scion xBVolkswagen lost me when their car lineup prices went over the 20k barrier (the 16k basic Golf/Beetle is a joke) and became known to me as ‘Audi Jr.’ Their service level is sub-par as well when compared to Toyota/Honda.

Then in 2005 I bought a Scion xB at the age of 43. Scion is the youth division of Toyota. I love the car. The ride is a little rough but I get 35 miles to the gallon and have the Toyota comfort level of: dependability, reliability, and resale value.

My 1964 Ford Falcon

American vehichles need a comfort level.

Once upon a time they did. My favorite car is my 1964 Ford Falcon Spint Convertible 4-speed. From a time when American automakers were never humiliated.



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