…uhh…my first entry…

My first blog entry. What should I blather on about…my first entry is on the same day that the Lotto winners came forward. $15.5 mil a piece after the US Government is done with the winnings ($365 mil). It’s also on the day that Nstar announced it was cutting gas rates by 36%, citing lower-than-expected costs. Just in time for Spring!! U guys rock!

BogieI can always find solace looking at “Astronomy Picture of the Day“. It reminds me that we’re just a little spec on the butt of the universe. Stuff like HTML, Seinfeld re-runs, Manny Ramirez, fueding speed skaters, doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if some arbitrary asteroid doinks us out of our orbit.

This just in: “Documents support Cheney’s shooting account“. Was there any doubt? Please….

First blog entry out of the way.


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