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24 degrees (but feels like 10)

Old Man WinterThe weekend weather in Worcester, Ma. Friday Feb 24, 06 9:00pm: 

Ahhh....What’s there to do in Worcester on a Friday night when it’s 24 degrees (but feels like 10)?

New Englanders get tired of the Winter weather sometime between Xmas and February. And I don’t mind speaking for everyone. When a 50 degree day hits in the middle of January, people go outside and yearn for the ending of Winter.

The number one thing people in New England do when it’s 24 degrees (but feels like 10): stay inside.

The Sunset on Winter



…uhh…my first entry…

My first blog entry. What should I blather on about…my first entry is on the same day that the Lotto winners came forward. $15.5 mil a piece after the US Government is done with the winnings ($365 mil). It’s also on the day that Nstar announced it was cutting gas rates by 36%, citing lower-than-expected costs. Just in time for Spring!! U guys rock!

BogieI can always find solace looking at “Astronomy Picture of the Day“. It reminds me that we’re just a little spec on the butt of the universe. Stuff like HTML, Seinfeld re-runs, Manny Ramirez, fueding speed skaters, doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if some arbitrary asteroid doinks us out of our orbit.

This just in: “Documents support Cheney’s shooting account“. Was there any doubt? Please….

First blog entry out of the way.